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Inflatable Hair Washing Basin Portable Kids Adult

Inflatable Hair Washing Basin Portable Kids Adult

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The Portable Inflatable Hair Washing Tray is specifically designed to provide a comfortable and convenient solution for bed and chair hair washing, making it a perfect choice for wheelchair users. Its lightweight design and inflatable feature make it easy to use, store, and transport, making it an ideal choice for multiple uses.

With its built-in water channel, the product allows for convenient hair washing without causing a mess or dirty water everywhere. Additionally, the product is equipped with a quick-release valve and anti-leakage inflation valve to prevent gas leakage during use and to release gas quickly when storing after use.

To further enhance its durability and longevity, the product comes with a set of repair stickers, allowing for quick repairs if the product is damaged during use. It's important to note that the washing basin should only be inflated to 70/80% percent of its full size for optimal usage.

Included in the packaging are one wash basin, one inflatable tube, one water pipe, and one PVC repair patch. With its convenient features and practical design, the Portable Inflatable Hair Washing Tray is a must-have product for anyone seeking an efficient and reliable solution for hair washing.

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